Who We Help

Family Stewards

We hear it all the time, “I want to make sure my family is taken care of”.  If this resonates with you, you can count yourself as a family steward.  Financial planning discussions for the family steward focus around the family – saving for college, making memories through family vacations, charitable giving, and estate planning and wealth transfer.  We focus on multi-generational wealth planning.  We want to meet and be a resource to the entire family.  It is important to us that the financial plan you build will turn into a legacy for generations to come.


Small Business Owners

The hard workers progressing the world forward one creative idea at a time.  They have the ideas and the passion, we help it administratively come alive.  We support our small business owners by guiding them through major business decisions, providing clarity on income, and connecting them with other essential advisors.  We also discuss various retirement plan solutions and offer guidance on preparing for their personal future – so when the day comes to retire from the business you feel ready and secure. 


Financially Independent Women

Women of great strength and wisdom, these ladies are the financial decision makers for their families.  They may have always had the knack for managing finances, or maybe they had to take the reins through a hard season of death or divorce.  We enjoy caring for these women through considerate and thoughtful conversations as they plan and prepare for their independent future.  Often times the most needed support we can offer is being the sounding board for the big decisions they are making.


Entertainment Industry Professionals

A special niche of entertainment industry professionals: writers, producers, actors/actresses, YouTube, etc. We understand the hardship of always feeling like your last job, was your last job.  Unique to the entertainment industry, these professionals need to balance the pursuit of their careers with finding stability in income and building a safety net.  In an industry that transforms and evolves faster than most, and where gigs come and go, we offer specific financial planning to prepare and equip you to keep going.